Roon Creating Two Copies of The Same Album & Splitting Tracks Between Them [answered]

I recently created a new iTunes Library and accordingly adjusted the Watched Folder on Roon. Everything worked as expected - all the albums loaded - except for one strange issue.

For certain albums, Roon created two copies and split the tracks between them. For example, 7 of 10 tracks appear on the first version and the other 3 appear on the second. Or 11 of 12 on one album and the remaining 1 track on the other.

Very bizarre, as my iTunes library uniformly groups the tracks all together in one album folder, as we’re used to seeing. There are no instances where iTunes is splitting these tracks.

Any idea why this is happening and how to resolve? Thanks!

It is probably happening because of some tag inconsistencies of the actual files. However, the fix is to select them both in Roon, click on the Edit button and select Merge Albums.

Brilliant! Worked like a charm. Thanks so much!