Roon creating unwanted artists

Running lastest build.

Is there any way to stop Roon from creating artists that don’t appear in the tags on the files when they are uploaded? For example, I have many Sun Ra albums. They are all tagged as ‘Sun Ra’ or one of the many odd names he gave is band over the years (like ‘Sun Ra and His Myth-Science Arkestra’) but Roon has created a lot of artists for sidekicks who appeared in his band on various albums (Clifford Barbaro, Marchall Allen etc.).Similarly I have a Jack DeJohnette album he recorded with London Brass. I could understand it creating an entry for London Brass but instead it created artists for some but not all of the individual members of London Brass. As a result my artist list is bloated by all these unwanted entries.

Over the years of using other digital music players I’ve put a lot of effort into cleaning up the tags and getting them the way I wanted. Roon is now bringing in loads of stuff that I didn’t ask for. Was there something I could have done before uploading that would have stopped this?

I have the same issue and have asked about how to correct this, but have received no reply. My question was more imbedded than yours, so keeping my fingers crossed here instead.

One of the major selling points if roon is its rich metadata model that explicitly adds in all of the data it can find about performances so users can look up individuals etc. I really can’t see that changing.

Maybe I have another issue compared to Michael_Mill then, because my post was about erroneous connections or even completely made up artists. However I just found a solution here which works brilliantly.

Have of course tried this previously, but at that track view, you have two options on where to edit tracks and only one shows the credits. Not brilliant.

Yes, I absolutely understand, and in most cases I like what it does. But occasionally I find it frustrating. The way it sometimes but not always splits up the big cheap classical collections from labels like Brilliant and assigns parts of them to often largely (to me) unknown performers I find odd. I have, amongst others, the Brilliant Bach collection. This is a bulk set of decent but unremarkable performances. I have the artist and albumartist tagged as ‘J.S. Bach’. None of the Discs has been assigned to the ‘J.S. Bach’ artist (which Roon did create from some other discs). Most have been assigned to Various Artists - which is not unreasonable - but the Cantata discs have been assigned to Peter Jan Leusink obviously because it knows something about those discs and those alone out of the set. And I have a lot of Arvo Part recordings which I quite like to have grouped together under an artist called Arvo Part. But the database has clearly been defined by people who have a greater familiarity comfort with the names of Finnish and Latvian choirmasters than I do. Anyway, as I said, I think on balance I like what it’s done…and if editing the assignments I don’t like isn’t a perfect lockdown task, what is?

For my own education can someone tell me whether the options available in Settings>Library>Import Settings would change the way albums were assigned to artists? If I had set Album Artist to ‘Prefer File’ before upload would it have assigned all the Bach Brilliant discs to the ‘J.S. Bach’ artist as tagged?