Roon crushes network availability of Matrix Audio Element M

Roon Core Machine

Synology DS720+
In out SSD cache
Intel J4125J
DSM 7.1.1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Mikrotik RB4011iGS+RM
Static IP
55000 port forwarded

Connected Audio Devices

Matrix Audio Element M
Samsung S22
MA Connect app or Roon

Number of Tracks in Library

15000 local tracks + Tidal

Description of Issue

When the Roon Core is active, listening to Tidal or local tracks, after couple of minutes the Element M goes offline.
If I use MA to connect, not Roon, it still goes offline time after time.

If I turn Roon core off, no problem.
I can use Tidal with MA Connect app.

I see, it is online, router statistics is active, but apps can’t see Element M
Kill app, open, see it online again for some time.

@Vitali_Litvinov Did you set Auto Standby to “never” in the Roon device settings for the Element M?

Yes it set to never

The device is on, it doesn’t go off
It falls only in apps
At the same time I see it online in the mikrotik winbox interfaces
It goes offline, when it’s playing music

If I kill roon core, I see it online as it should be

It disappear only when the roon core is active
Synology resources monitor shows 5-7 percent cpu usage and 20-30 % of ram

Nothing is overloaded

Just it goes offline in my roon app or MA connect app
I reopen it, element m is online

Behavior like this )

That does not sound good. I am sorry I have no further ideas. Paging @support - can you help?

My Matrix Audio device (mini-i Pro 3) has a fixed IP, and WiFi is deactivated - did you try that?

Also when it falls, it still online as airplay device

OK - very strange. Firmware is up to date?

Yes ) and static lan ip

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