Roon customer support is difficult for me

Why does rune keep telling me all of my tracks are unavailable on all of my libraries that I took forever to create?
Roon seriously needs to have customer service agents answering the phone to take care of people’s issues, not only do I have an issue with rune, I have an issue with ruins chat room. It keeps telling me I can’t post the topic

If you want to get support, then please open a support request in the #support category of the forum and fill out the post template with details of your Roon and network setup. That information is necessary in order to help diagnose your issue. Thank you.

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The problem you have been experiencing is most likely fixed with today’s update for Roon Core/Server, build 1234. Ensure that you install this update, the problem will most likely go away.

As a fellow user I do understand that online forums are a challenge for some users. However, as someone whose job has been fixing software user problems for decades, let me tell you that trying this over the phone with a tech-challenged user is the worst possible way for both sides.


Reading that thread it didn’t fix it for many.

Read it to the end :slight_smile: The first attempt was build 1232 for fixing ARC and the library issue, which succeeded for ARC but not the missing library. Then they pushed another hotfix 1234, which did

Ah I didn’t see that thought the latest was it. Anyway It’s made my machine slow to start playback now which is annoying. One man’s fix is another man’s poison it seems.

It has been quite a mess indeed. Might be other remaining issues as well, again with incorrect display of custom credits and tags (if the user is up to date, not sure yet). I hope we get through this multi-language transition soon, and the ***** remote crashes with outdated ROCKS and Nucleuses, and these things settle down a bit.

It is quite slow to scan, display the albums and play back, more and more albums/tracks, the speed will go down significantly, definitely it is not user friendly any more, everything is in anther time machine: slow action. Once up a time I put 100% albums/tracks, it is very fast, don’t know why it become slower and slower even I have to keep 60% of albums/tracks and try to make the speed up, but unlucky it is very slow.

Please go to the Support section of the forum (click this to go there > #support), then open a new topic for your issue by clicking the New Topic button:

A new topic will open showing questions about your setup. Please fill it out with as much detail as possible. Thanks!