Roon cutting off end of song (again)

Hi I’m using Roon 1.8 with core running on an intel nuc i3 gen 10. Endpoint is a chord mojo but i’ve had the same problem previously with a Mytek When Roon plays a song it skips in the last few seconds of the song and moves onto the next song so the playback isn’t truly gapless. At first i thought it might be down to Audeze presets being on but it seems to happen with any songs. It doesn’t always occur but often enough!

I use 4G internet is this part of the problem?

I mainly use Tidal and play a lot of MQA content.

Can anyone help?


James Holland

Hello @James_Holland1,

Thanks for keeping connected and letting us know the issue re(re)(re)surfaced. Sorry about that :sweat_smile:

I was wondering if, temporarily, you could completely disable the Audeze presets and see if the cutting off still happens.