Roon cutting out repeatedly and skipping tracks after a few seconds play

Roon Core Machine

Mac mini 2018 on Ventura

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Hard wire Ethernet cable direct to router

Connected Audio Devices

Lumin d2

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Sometimes plays for 1-2 hours fine then starts cutting out and skipping tracks. This has been going on for a few months…

Yesterday just wouldn’t play at all and skipped tracks after a few seconds on some and not playing others at all.

Pleas advise how to fix this.

All software and devices are up to date

Probably network issues. Plz. Fill out the template completely.
For troubleshooting start here

Thanks but I don’t think it’s the network. It’s only Roon I’m having an issue with. Songs play fine on Tidal directly.

That doesn’t follow. Roon uses the network quite differently from streaming apps. In particular, with Roon you have network traffic from the streaming service to the Roon core, and then from the Roon core to the endpoint, while with the streaming app it’s just from the streaming service to the endpoint. And lots of other differences, such as dependencies on DNS, different ways of connecting to the streaming service, the fact that Roon core > endpoint uses RAAT, which is uncompressed and optimized for cross-endpoint synchronization, rather than for network load, …

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Roon is very demanding on your network. Plz fill out the template. How is your Lumin connected? Are there switches in your set up? Is it happening with streaming and local files? How are local files stored?
If WiFi is involved try to connect your core wired to the endpoint.
Did you reboot your whole network? Router,modem,core, switches etc.

Thanks both for your replies. I thought I had filled out the form to explain that its all wired up directly to the router.

Lumin is connected directly to router as is Mac mini both via ethernet cable…no switches and no use of WiFi. My local files are stored on the Mac mini which acts as the Roon server…it is not a dedicated server and is also used as a general computer…but I have not been using the Mini (for anything else) when these issues have occurred.

No songs that I tried were playing at all…I did not differentiate/test locally stored vs streamed songs.

I will try rebooting Mac and router as suggested and see if that helps.

Thanks again for your help.

What is the brand and model of your router?

You need to identify where those songs you’re having with are sourced from: local file on Mac, Tidal or Qobuz.

Apologies for the delayed reply. It’s an Asus router and the songs streamed were Tidal. I’ve had the router 4 years and hasn’t been an issue previously. The issue started in the last few months. Thanks

Hi @Matthew_Wheelock,

Thank you for your patience. The tech support team pulled diagnostics from your Core and noticed several warnings related to storage and network stability that might be underpinning your issue:

  1. Your Backup location is inaccessible at times to Roon due to permissions settings.

  2. There are errors related to slow media loading, particularly when Roon is queuing Tidal tracks. This is more than likely responsible for the symptoms you’re experiencing and likely a resolvable network issue.

  • Do you have multicast enabled on your router?

  • Are there any firewalls in place on this network that weren’t previously enabled? I recommend restarting the Asus router, just in case.

  • Do you have a second, ISP-provided router in place, by chance?

Sorry, I only just saw your reply. I’ve just posted another topic re backups having failed recently. It sounds like it’s all connected…details on backups on that new post. I don’t have an alternative router. I’m using an Asus RT-AC86U.

Firewall was/is disabled on my Mac but I just noticed it enabled on my router but just disabled it and saw IPv6 enabled on router which I left as is. I don’t know what multicast is and can’t find it on the router menu to check.


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I have 564gb free on my 4TB external hard drive and in the last few weeks I’m getting an error message saying scheduled backup failed. Roon sees the drive but won’t see the contents and when I ry to backup manually and select location it says error loading folder unauthorised. External drive sharing permissions haven’t changed.

Running Ventura updated on Mac mini 2018.

Please advise how to fix it.


Any suggestions to my answers above please?

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