Roon Database and Settings Not Ready, also no network

Roon Core Machine

Roon Labs Nucleus REV B
With a SAMSUNG 870 EVO 4TB SSD installed.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router from Telenor Norway: Modell: DG2200TN
TP-LINK TL-SG108 Switch

Connected Audio Devices

Roon Ready: Cambridge Audio Evo 150

Number of Tracks in Library

20000 tracks +/-

Description of Issue

Roon Database and Settings Not Ready, and nothing comes op on the Networking tab … see picture below:

I have tried to connect the Nucleus directly in the router, but i still got the same error and nothing under the Networking tab?

I really appreciate all the help I can get here!!

I’m afraid that screenshot shows that your SSD is failing. If your Nucleus is still within the two-year warranty period, you should return it to your local dealer for repair or replacement under the warranty. If you purchased it direct from Roon Labs, then let the Support team know by posting that fact here, and they will contact you to process the return further.

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Hi Geoff,

And thanks for answering me!
My Nucleus is still within the warrant period.
But i bought it without a hdd, i have installed the SSD myself several month ago.
And i have been using it without any problem, until to day…

I have a nas disk i can use until a get a new SSD disk.

But how can i get this connected when i can’t get the roon remote up an going?

Thanks again!

The SSD I referred to is the m.2 SSD used for the Roon OS and the Roon application - NOT the SSD that you installed for your music.

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Geof (probably) didn’t mean the Samsung 870 EVO 4TB. I think he meant the M.2 SSD that the operating system is running on.

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When you return the Nucleus for repair, I would advise you to first remove the 2.5"SSD that holds your music before the return.

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Hi Geoff and Nepherte,

And thanks for amazingly fast reply!! Kudos!!

I will call the shop i bought my Nucleus and tell them what you told me here.

Thanks for all help so far! :smile: :+1:

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