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I am new to Roon and still in my trial period trying to figure out if it is worth it for me.

Recently switched from Roon Server on a laptop, to a NUC running ROCK. Everything went smoothly up until I tried restoring my database. I followed the written guide EXACTLY, and still not working.

It imports my Hours listened just fine, but the “what you’ve been listening to” is completely blank. I did not change any drive names or locations, or file system. Maybe I just misunderstood what the backup actually saves? I tried searching this forum for a bit and didn’t find this exact issue.

Wondering what happened and it there’s a way to fix it. Thank you in advance.

The Roon database backups up settings, preferences, data on played music, information about your library and files, etc., but not the actual files/music library. It appears that your music is not accessible on the NUC. The NUC Core will need to have access to your music files (if local) or to the Tidal or Qobuz music service (if streamed) to be able replicate your previous Mac-based Core.

Have you migrated your music or streaming account information to the NUC?

I have been moving my Cores between a MacBook Pro and a W11 laptop and the music libary needed to be transferred between them. This article may help:

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Seeing as you did exactly the steps as described, I’m assuming you also did this part:

In many cases you will need to re-configure Roon to find your storage devices. This could happen, for example, because your USB drive has a different path connected to ROCK. If you need to update your storage configuration after restoring your database, please follow these instructions.

I could have sworn I did that… re-read trough it, followed the steps of deleting all the watched folders and re-adding them, and now its works!

Thanks for dealing with my incompetence :smile:

It all worked out in the end. That’s what matters :slight_smile:

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