Roon database backup to Nucleus Internal storage

I just installed a 2 TB SSD inside my Nucleus + Rev.B. All went well and easy.

I cannot figure out how to create a back up of my Roon database to my new internal storage on Nucleus+. It does not show when browsing for a location under “backups” in settings.

Is this even possible?

All internal storage on the Nucleus (or ROCK) is watched, so, not where you want to do backups. You need to use either an external USB drive to hold the backups, or, backup to a network location like a NAS or a shared drive on another computer.

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Use that internal SSD for storing your music files. A USB HDD plugged into your Nucleus works great for backup’s.

Or something like this, so you don’t knock it.

One reason I use a USB drive and not a USB stick. That, plus the fact that my Nucleus is in a cabinet with a back on it, so no room for a stick.

Thanks guys. I already have an external USB drive attached to Nucleus+ for the Roon database backup, plus I back it up to my NAS, and my Dropbox. I was just looking for an additional option (yes, I know, redundant). I already picked the first answer from @Rugby as a solution to this thread.

We’re just passing on information that may be useful to others who read this thread.

Got it. I understand

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