Roon Database Backups - Stalled due to network message

My Roon db backups to Dropbox are failing with “Stalled due to network…” message. The message appears to be truncated and appears in Settings>Backups>Backup Status. Thanks!

I am having these constant issues as well. Over the period of a few months, I have only managed to once successfully do a backup.

Tried a local backup destination? Even the tiniest of Roon libraries will still have a backup size that is half a gig or more. That’s a fair bit to upload over the Internet to Dropbox unless you have really high speed and reliable upload from your ISP…

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Thanks, cwichura. Admittedly, I haven’t tried local, but, my internet connection is a minimum of 20 Mbps consistently. Should be plenty I would have thought?

Nope because it is thousands of small files.

Even a relatively small library ~2500 files?

Yep. Do a local backup. And then look at the created directories to see how big and how many files.

Hello @Jason_McGuire,

As @Rugby mentioned local backups will be the most reliable since that method of backing up doesn’t need to send multiple small files over the internet. It is possible that your internet connection temporarily experiences a network timeout when uploading to dropbox, causing issues in the entire backup.

I would also check the upload rate limit settings for your dropbox if you choose to pursue that option again, I have seen some user reports that dropbox has limited them to 10Kb/s upload speed by default and you should be able to switch that to unlimited in the dropbox settings.


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