Roon Database Core folder content

We have a Roon Database that is 13Gb (108K tracks). Looking at the Core folder we see two separate folders that contain objects:


The ‘44afb …’ folder is timestamped March 12 2017 and is 8.7Gb. It appears to us that this may be an old folder left over possibly from a software upgrade/database rebuild.

Would it be safe to delete the ‘44afb…’ on the basis that it is redundant? As a side comment Roon Server has been abending and writing large core dumps. We wonder if this folder may be the cause of the server abends.

That’s one for @brian or @danny I think.

Those folders correspond to different accounts that have been logged in at different points in time on this server. It’s fairly abnormal to see this unless a mistake was made during setup/install. Perhaps this machine was set up by someone and used by someone else?

I don’t think that they are the cause of any real operational problems–the folder for the not currently logged in account is dormant until you log into it again.

Thank you for clarifying that @brian. That makes sense; I ran a backup today and the size of the backup was 8.7Gb, corresponding to the approximate size of one of those folders. It is possible that two different accounts have logged into this Roon Server at different times. We will determine and delete the dormant folder and wait to see if the abend behaviour continues.

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