Roon Database Migration

Today my audioserver failed so I reinstalled everything. I still have the original drive with the roon appdata folders, a backup from last week, and all the music files. They were on the c: drive along with windows OS. This time I have installed windows and roon on a new 120gb ssd (c: drive) and the old 2tb ssd is currently d: drive.

I tried copying all the roonserver folders, deleting the application folder and installing roon on top. When i signed in, it added everything as new, none of my old tags or playlists etc. So i tried restoring a backup. This has now been going for an hour so I think it’s stuck and I’m cancelling it

How can I get back my roon database?

Hi @Pete_Moody ---- Sorry for the troubles and thank you for the feedback. Just to confirm, when you prompted the restore, it was from the log in screen, correct?


From the login first, then I cancelled that after a long time, then signed in, it scanned everything, then i tried restoring again

Hi @Pete_Moody ---- Thank you for verifying that information for me. The time it takes the restore process to complete is contingent on the size of your library, so if you have a rather large collection this can indeed take some time.

Moving forward, I would recommend trying the restore again but leave it running over night and if the issue is still present in the morning, we can take a look at your logs to see what caused the problem.


I started a restore before going to bed. This morning the settings screens had disappeared leaving the display of the album i was last playing, and nothing has been restored

Actually I think it gets stuck before the restore point. Settings > Backups > Find Backups > I select the backups folder, the folder listing has a guid > select this folder > opens a Backup Manager with the Roon Deathstar / eternal spinner

Hi @Pete_Moody ----- Thank you for the follow up and my apologies for the continued troubles.

Can you please follow the instructions found here in our knowledge base and drop us a set of your logs in a PM via a dropbox link? Let me know when the logs are available and we’ll have a look.