Roon database move

I am now migrating my Roon installation from a Mac Mini to a Win 2012 server instalation.

What is the easiest method to get the Roon database to my New computer?

Is have taken a backup of the database to a USB stick on my Mac Mini, and was planing to bring that backup in from my Windows instalation… but willl that work? Will Roon allow me to do that?


You may want to read this:

This was pre-backup though. Nowadays, restoring from backup may be the easiest path. If your storage locations change as well (say, from local to networked), make sure you edit the storage path to reflect the new location – do not remove and re-add.

Hello Jens,

see my post to your other question.
I explained how I did it.

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The restore backup function has worked for me in moving the database about 10 times. Much more stable than copying over the database - that was the only time I had a corruption.