Roon Database & Settings: "0% of 114 GB available"


Have had the Nucleus + since March… installed an internal 4TB SSD… has been working perfectly for 21 days since the last update (was working fine before that too), but am I waiting for a problem to happen? 1,576 albums between TIDAL entries and CDs rendered to FLAC.

(If this was an Oracle db, I’d know what to do to increase the table space ;))

Hi Loren,

Did you follow the steps in this kb article regarding Nucleus Internal Storage?.

Can you post a screenshot of the Nucleus Web Admin Interface?

Cheers, Greg

Yes… followed the instructions for the internal add-on SSD… the music storage is working flawlessly… (blue highlight in the screenshot is mine)

It doesn’t look like you’re using any space on the internal music storage.

Did you copy your FLAC files to the internal music drive?

Can you post a screenshot of Roon Settings > Storage tab?

Cheers, Greg

The thing that is highlighted is not the music storage. It is the OS and database disk. Your 4tb storage disk has 100% available indicating that it is not being used.

Did you maybe put your music on the data drive instead of the 4TB music storage?

So, it turns out that the Nucleus + (and the Mac I was ripping/copying from) sees the built-in AND added internal storage as a contiguous volume, which was why everything kept working. Nonetheless, I’ve moved things around and the numbers look correct now.


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