Roon Database & Settings shows 100% available

My Roon ROCK has been running for over a day now as I’ve been getting my endpoints sorted out. I just loaded the ROCK UI and saw that my Roon DB appears not to be taking any space! I have a fairly small local library of around 210GB stored on the SATA SSD in my ROCK NUC. The OS drive is a Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500 GB PCIe NVMe M.2. Does the DB go on there?

Screenshot 2021-09-12 at 20.15.47

The system is functioning very well, but I just want to check that figure of 100% available for the Roon DB and settings. It does not make much sense to me.

You have 100% of 458 GB available mines at 92% of 108gb and I have nearly 4k albums so this is about right, it will be rounding a bit I wouldn’t worry. Why did you use such a large SSD for rock most of that will be wasted you don’t need a huge system disk at all 128gb is about all your need.

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I bought the NUC as a used unit and the primary SSD was already installed.I think my number of albums just runs into the few hundreds.

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Apologies, posted in the wrong section.
But you are correct, this doesn’t seem right. And you are sure your database is actually on this particular drive?

How can I tell?

It will be that one as the os is telling you what size it is. It will only show what it’s installed on it doesn’t show any other disks for that bit and you said already how big the disc is, remove the os partition and that’s what’s left. It’s likely taking up little space as it’s a very small library and maybe RoonOS has a bug that doesn’t recognize it under a certain size. I really wouldn’t worry about it your not going to fill up 400gb with Roons DB. Try rebooting it and see if it changes.

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Roughly estimating my library takes up 8.7gb for 3755 albums on 107 GB of space which Roon says has 92% available that’s about 0.0023gb per album being used. If you have around 250 albums then your looking at something like 0.6gb which is under 1% of your capacity. Roon is rounding it down. The size might vary a bit dependant on the albums and metadata available but it won’t be too dissimilar maths to mine and your still a long away off 1% of 458gb.

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If you visit your install from a computer, \\rock.local\Data\RoonServer
You should be able to check the size of this folder.
Si is correct though, there shouldn’t be any issues and the DB really should be where RoonOS believes it to be.

My RoonOS install reports 94% free of 227Gb, and when i examine the RoonServer folder it is reported by my Windows PC (Mac OS seem to ignore the contents as this is hidden linux files) that it takes up 13.3Gb, containing 85.105 files and 41.999 folders. BUT! Windows also reports that the disk space utilized for these small files is 86Gb, so the report from the GUI deviates a lot from these figures.