Roon database to SSD

Initially I was running roon on a mac mini with latest Apple OS.
I’m no longer using that set up. I did not uninstall Roon from the mac mini.
I now run Roon Server on the mac mini which is launched at boot.
I use Roon Remote on latest Microsoft Surface with latest Windows OS.
My music still exists on an external USB drive via the mac mini.
On my mac mini HD, there are several libraries: RAATServer, Roon, RoonGear, RoonServer.

  • My goal is to move (or recreate) the roon database on a USB SSD also connected to the mac mini. *
    I only interact with Roon via Roon Remote on the Microsoft Surface.
    Help on how to move (or if easier recreate) Roon database on the USB database connected to the mac mini appreciated! Thanks!

Hi Mitch,

The Roon database can’t run off an external drive. It has to remain where Roon installed it on the boot drive.

Cheers, Greg

I have a 2012 Mac Mini and recently replaced it’s hard drive with a 256 Gb SSD internal drive. It wasn’t expensive and the performance of Roon skyrocketed.

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Replacing the Mac mini’s hard drive with an (internal) SSD would be your best solution, as this will benefit both macOS and Roon.

You can probably route the paths from the various Roon-related folders in your macOS Library folder to an external SSD using symlinks, but you will have to tread carefully and know to some extend what you’re doing – this is not a recommended solution and will leave you without formal support.

More info here: