Roon Database Update - Progress Indication

Continuing the discussion from Roon build 208 database update:

As a seasoned Roon user I’m used to seeing this message from time to time and from experience know roughly how long it will take.

However, reading the above topic it’s clear that new users do not hence this request to have some kind of progress indicator whilst the database is being migrated from one version to another.

I appreciate it’s not always easy to measure progress in a linear way but something would be better than nothing.


I’d also love to see the “spinning thingy” stay on every time Roon is analysing something in my library (eg after adding a new album)

last Sunday I was having playback dropouts and went mad looking for something on my network that might have been the cause just to find, after trying everything else that, for some mysterious reason, Roon was analysing once more 6000+ tracks :angry: