Roon db Backup to iCloud Drive

Just in case any Mac users are interested in using iCloud Drive to backup your Roon database, here is the path that you need to use:

Users / macmini / Library / Mobile Documents / com~apple~CloudDocs / Roon db Backup

“Roon db Backup” is the folder that I created in iCloud Drive prior to configuring the backup in Roon. I just successfully completed my first automated backup to this path.


I was looking for something like this as my dropbox was full !!
thanks a lot

It worked for me for a month then just wouldn’t back up any longer. I don’t know why.

I was able to add it as a backup location and it was successfull. For me the mac is a network location as the core is on ROCK.

Perhaps something was changed in High Sierra?? @support

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Hi @oneofmany ---- Thank you for chiming into this thread and sharing your feedback.

I wanted to touch base with you and see if this behavior is, still occurring, and if any progress/new observations have been made since your report. If you could provide some further insight into what exactly the issue is it would greatly help our evaluation of problem.


Hi @Eric when Roon stopped backing to my iCloud account I switched over to Dropbox but I think I will try again with my iCloud account as I don’t want to pay for extra storage with Dropbox. I have 200GB of storage with iCloud so it would be much better for me to use it.

I have wondered before why Roon doesn’t have a back up option for iCloud when Dropbox is supported. Is this on your roadmap?

I’ll have another try with iCloud and let you know how it goes.

@stevev1 I am still on Sierra, I’m planning to upgrade to HS shortly.

Hi @Eric

I think I have figured out why I can no longer back up to my iCloud account. A couple of months back I set up Roon Server on its own user account and I think that is what killed my iCloud back up. Originally I was running Roon under my own personal account.

I have now given the Roon Server account permission to write to my personal com~apple~CloudDocs folder and it seems to be working, at the moment its syncing 1.95GB to iCloud.

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