ROON dB Backup?

Why is it so difficult to backup to usb - i’m on Windows 10 – no way i’m going to give drobox £7.99 pcm — ???

what is the difficulty with USB…Other than if you use a stick its sloooow - a USB HDD is not so bad.

Mine goes to USB HDD and it’s not that slow?
How large is your library though?

I have a 128GB USB stick in the back of my NUC and it’s been successfully backing up to that for a year. What’s the issue?


I’m facing problems since the beginning… you are a lucky guy

Can’t setup share to usb - tried all the usual methods as prompted in setup screen

Can you give some more detail about your setup? Your Core is on Windows 10, and your USB Drive (stick or drive) is attached to it? How is it formatted? Are you getting any error messages when you try to set up a Scheduled Backup? Thanks.

Possibly because I’m running ROCK rather than Windows though - when I used the Windows version (on different hardware admittedly) I had a few problems.


Core is on Innuos Zen Mk.3 Music Server - cannot set roon db backup to share on laptop – cannot plug usb into zen backup port and do roon db backup. Whentry sgare on laptop on home network get:

Well, that’s because you will need three things:

  • On your laptop set a Shared Folder in Windows so that it can be accessed over the network by Roon
  • fill in the Username and Password fields with a valid set of Windows Credentials.

Have setup share but forgot room would need uname & PWD - doh – try that when get home — thanks.

Mine is backed up to a USB SSD, I have 300K tracks, Run a Windows 10 desktop, and it takes one minute to do the snapshotting, ten minutes for the “preparing”, and less than four to do the “transferring”…altogether, less than fifteen minutes, of which only one affected Roon’s usability. To me, that’s fast.

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I never actually timed it but my much more modest library it is well under 10 minutes.

I really had no idea, as I’ve always been busy doing other things, so I never paid attention before.

Sorted thanks


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