Roon DB Backups running on NUC with Rock

Roon Core Machine

128GB M.2 SSD
I will also add another 2.5" drive (probably SSD).

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Description of Issue

I’m going to build a dedicated Roon server, I will use the NUC recommended spec (as above).

I only stream, therefore no local music files.

What is the best way to backup my Roon DB? I can backup to the extra 2.5" drive, or an external USB drive.
However, I would like to backup the DB to a cloud service, such as Dropbox. Is that possible, running ROCK?

I don’t currently have any NAS, and using only Laptops, which won’t always be on, so will be inconsistent backups, with a shared folder etc.

If I kept the OS as Windows, I would be able to complete the backups to Dropbox with the above spec.

Any comments / help would be most appreciated.

You should NOT backup the Roon database to the extra 2.5" drive in a ROCK/NUC system. That would have the effect of putting the Backup into a Watched Folder, and this is explicitly not recommended.

We strongly recommend that you do not set the location of Database Backups to be within any Watched Folders because Roon will try to scan that directory and scan the Database Backup itself. This can cause issues, so please keep the locations separate.

You can certainly use an external USB drive, because it will be possible to have separate folders for your music (in a Watched Folder) and your Backups.

And yes, you can use Dropbox to hold Backups when using a ROCK/NUC system.

Thanks for your reply Geoff.

Ok, so I don’t require the second 2.5 drive, If I don’t have a local library.

How do I configure the backups straight to Dropbox?
Do I require anything else other than the NUC ?

I’m just trying to understand, all the requirements before taking the plunge.


You select it from the backup location dialogue box

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