Roon DB issues during update?

I hate roon updates. My database spinner has been active for two days. Many files not found and undetected.

Would you please leave the database alone.
Better it be slow than work not at all.

Where are the beta testers?

Then something else is wrong , my last update just happened , no Db activity etc.

Sounds like a dodgy Db

It wasn’t a “dodgy” db. It was perfect until the update.

ROON makes the database. The user doesn’t.

I have nothing to do with the database construction except turn the Computer with ROON off or on.

I’m tired of the users getting blamed for “bad” database.

Who is responsible for making sure the database is not corrupted? Me or ROON? The database is after all the most important thing ROON has to maintain. Without robust database construction and maintenance by ROON the user is stuck with what happens.Obviously the user is at the mercy of the program.

Is the user provided with any tools to maintain the database? Only one. ROON backup. And we are told that sometimes that doesn’t work because ROON backs up a bad database. There is no warning to tell the user the database is going bad.

Instead of new features, (which are important) how about some maintenance tools that might work like this.

ROON has detected some anomalies in your database. Please go to the ROON tools section and run database restore and protect Tool 1 and 2 before allowing a ROON update.

It’s time for the folks at ROON to deliver a robust and stable database. That is at the heart of all the miracles ROON provides.

I have moved to a fresh new support thread.
Please provide some further details so support can assist you better.
As per the support template shown below.

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

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You mis-understood the post. @Mike_O_Neill isn’t blaming you. The only thing a user could be blamed for is if he /she isn’t backing up the db, using Roon Backup. It seems from your post that you use Roon Backup.

These two points have been addressed by a Build that is at least a couple of Builds ago. What Build are you running?

Yes and yes. Agree completely.

Not necessarily. If you don’t want to run Roon Backup functions, there is a rather convoluted solution. Drop Core and run a normal off the shelf backup program on all folders possibly related to Roon. This probably won’t work if one has to Restore across different Builds, but maybe you feel it would be more secure.

Again, as of a few Builds ago, one shouldn’t have any trouble with corrupt Roon Backups, if that code is working.

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My apologies to Mike if it looked like I was blaming him.

I do all the updates as ROON announces and provides them. I am somewhat “hesitant” In pressing the ok button as sometimes it’s a disaster. But I do anyway because updates should always fix problems not make them.

Perhaps ROON should investigate and recommend software that will assist in database management? I would gladly purchase such a suite but I would want it ROON to approve it. I do run chkdsk/F to make sure the drives are performing up to snuff. They are and were when I did the last update.

I am a ROON fan and lifetime subscriber. I do enjoy the multi faceted connections ROON provides the user.

If I was ranking the features most important to me they would be:

  1. ROON should absolutely be rock steady stable as much as possible. ROON has a history of “database” problems that have caused grief for many.

  2. Sound quality. ROON should provide the very best possible. Sadly there is software that sounds better for sone reason. Auralic’s Lightning DS for instance. And I don’t know why ROON sound quality varies from update to update but it does to me any many others. Of course I’m probably just “hearing things” but at least a few others must be under the same delusions as they hear the same variances.

  3. Features such as the excellent Valence that make interacting with music, stereo equipment, and computers a great experience.

For six years, this is my experience.

Really? Yes, the forum has posts related to this, and yes, there are instances of corruption. But how many users were affected and what caused the corruption?

Roon doesn’t “sound” of anything. It delivers untainted digital audio to my DAC. If it sounds different to other players, external factors are more likely.

As mentioned earlier, please provide information about your current setup, so support or the community can help you if things aren’t working as expected.

Plenty of thick skin, no offence taken :smiling_imp: