Roon dedicated control pod in the works - Senic

Hi, just been going through YouTube in bed as you do and came across this video on a control pod for controlling music playback. It looks like it will only manage basic controls but looks fantastic.

It currently works with sonos but the developers are looking into Roon integration.

Looks lovely and I want one. What do you guys think?


When it’s ready for Roon, I’ll get one for sure. Thanks for sharing.

No problem.

I’ve reached out to the manufacturer for an update on Roon integration and will post what I find on here.

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Looks nice but as you still need a tablet or phone to choose what to play it seems a bit pointless for just simple play and volume function that you can use a remote for on most systems anyway. I bet it’s not cheap either.

I wasn’t claiming it would replace a phone/tablet but if you just wanted to start roon radio or a playlist then it’s great. Sometimes you just need to pause or skip track and basic controls on a physical device would be nice.

You are right with the costs though £299, so for me to justify that It would have to offer great preset options (not sure if you watched the video).

I did watch the video. If you could also control different Zones easily with it then it starts to look more appealing. I’m not a playlist listener really, but use Radio all the time. I do have hue lights as well so using it for that as well it’s interesting but likely another thing for the other half to get confused with. In the 2 years of having hue she still doesn’t get how it work. :slight_smile:

I bought those Hue switches for each room I use them in (mainly lamps), they make using Hue simple.

A random roon radio start at the touch of a button that would be nice.

I don’t listen to playlists either but even the best albums often have a dud track or too and a skip would be nice. It’s also sold on amazon. I will be keeping an eye out for a sale I think and a solid commitment for Roon before jumping in.

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