Roon defaults to spdif out with iFi Zen Stream, no option to change

win10 recent install of roon core, generic cheapie intel celeron Eglobal model M3-N3150L 8 g ram 128 g ssd

iFi Zen Stream both via Ethernet.

Zen Stream roon enabled in setup, set to mode 2 roon

roon signal path defaults to spdif

no option to change, unless there is a secret handshake hidden somewhere

right and left clicked pretty well everything to see how to set to USB out, still no go

Zen Stream setup shows USB selected, but roon insists spdif

every other function seems to be working smoothly

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Have you got a powered up DAC on the usb output?

Try disable then re-enable the ZS in Roon?

Hi if you look in the Zen thread you will see this well documented. In Roon only mode SPDIF is the default, and caused many of us an issue in the beta testing period

I’m on holiday so cannot send you screenshots, but go to Settings ->Audio find your Zen Stream under the Roon Ready section and click on Device Info that will pop up a web page where you can change the settings and use USB again. Easy once you know how, but very difficult to find.

Hopefully this helps

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Supporting now :grinning:

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That will do it thanks :+1:

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Thanks, did not see that thread.Apologies for the duplication.

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And, yes, that was the secret handshake.

The Zen sounds fantastic, very clean USB.

Just a bit quirky.

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No problem, that thread is 2k post’s so not easy to navigate. It is pretty much undiscoverable if you don’t already know about it, or has a friend that does :grin:

Glad it’s all working again

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