Roon Deletes Library Items One-by-One After Rescan [Investigating]

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My Roon library which consists of files on the disk, Qobuz streaming library and tidal streaming library is constantly removing all music (one by one) from the library (on my Roon core) and then adding all music (one by one) back to my Roon library and this has been going for the last 48 hours and does not stop. As a result I cannot listen to anything, as it stops playing pretty much in 30 seconds after I start playing.

Describe your network setup

My Roon core is innuos zen mk3 4tb. everything else is fine, my network and internet connection is fine. So I do not see any reason to give you more details. Everything was fine for more than a year before it started doing this madness few days ago

Hello @apigaga,

Thanks for reaching out with your report. I’ve activated diagnostic mode for your account and what this action does is upload a log set to our servers, and I will ask the team to review the logs for clues. Can you please confirm if there is any change in behavior if you reboot your Roon Server?

Hi, thanks for reacting fast. After restart no change in behaviour, but I restored an 3 day old backup and everything was fine, until I cleared cache on my Mac Roon Client. After that it started removing tracks again. I did not let it finish, but restored 3 day backup again and for now I did not clear any cache and looking to see if it will start doing it again. So far I have been playing without an issue for the last 15 min. I will let you know if anything changes. Not sure if the cache cleaning has anything to do with it though, seems too much of a disconnect there.

Hi, it is doing it again right now, without any warning or reason, I was just playing music, did not purge cache or added any music or removed any music myself, please advice.

As a result of this last library refresh, it has removed around 65000 files and is not adding them back in.

and the cycle started again, adding half of the 65000 last few hours and now removing them again. It is very frustrating

Hi @apigaga,

I wanted to pass along two conclusions from our investigation into diagnostics:

  1. Network failures with nearly all upstream requests. This includes Dropbox, Tidal, Qobuz, and Roon’s own servers. These failures are unclassified, but likely the result of DNS failures or extraneous security on the network that is actively filtering RoonServer’s connection. Is your RoonServer machine hardwired to a router, or a managed switch? Do you have any antivirus software on any Roon machine (Remote or Server) on this network?

  2. Latent database corruption is the most common cause for the behavior you’re experiencing. What happens if you restore a Backup that is more than three days old and allow RoonServer to run? Does the issue reproduce? If you can identify a Backup that does not reproduce this issue, it’s essential that you restore immediately and retain that backup. Database corruption can be metastatic and can endanger your entire database unless you restore to a Backup preceding the cause of the corruption.

I did the (2) and finally it stabilised and for now (4-5 days already) it did not happen again.


Have for a couple of days now been experiencing that my entire Tidal library is cleared. When i open a Tidal playlist it seems to trigger adding some of my favorites albums again only to the stop and again remove them. Just tried a clean install (have a backup) and without restoring anything that same behavior occurs. Just entered my Tidal credentials and the expected sync start - only to all of a sudden stop - to then again remove all my tidal favorite albums.

Anybody else have experienced this? … and maybe somebody knows what to do because i can’t figure it out :frowning:

Everything looks and works right and as it has been for quite a while when going to the Tidal app so would seem like a Roon or Roon/Tidal issue?

Thanks for any help

Update: just did a restore from a backup and started out great. Could play me roon playlists (including tidal songs) no problem. The second i open a Tidal playlist in Roon my entire Tidal library in Roon is cleared (my physical library albums/files are left but all Tidal albums are removed one by one uyntil they are all gone).

This is happening for me as well. Started late yesterday. All Tidal content is gone from my library. All content is still present in Tidal app as well as JPLAY and Audirvana. I’ve disconnected and reconnected to Tidal, restored from backup and rebooted the server (more than one time).

Hi @apigaga,

I wanted to check in to see if any issues had recurred. We’re available to examine more recent diagnostics as necessary. Thank you!

Hi @jraaholt, @Christopher_Halcrow,

Thank you for your report. The team has activated diagnostics for your accounts and will investigate with our QA team. We’ll follow up here as soon as possible with our findings.

To update, I have restored again from an older backup and the Tidal files are back, however, now I am unable to delete any files (be they Quboz or Tidal) from the library. This was the same problem I had previously before files began to disappear.

Hi, in my case, after I reported last time six days ago, it has now stabilised. All music is back in its place and no further issues.


As I wrote restored again so I had my music. BUT since you activated logging I just (as in right now) went and opened a Tidal playlist in Roon and sure enough - as I am writing this - all my favorite albums are being removed in Roon again breaking my Roon playlists.

Looking forward to hear what you find and to a solution.

Any news one this? Roon is useless to me if this isn’t fixed. Still same problem. Sometimes my favorite TIDAL albums start loading again only to empty again. Always before finishing. I would expect somebody having looked at the turn on diagnostics by now?