Roon Desktop can't transfer from another zone [Resolved]?

I am running the server on my PC as well as the full app. Right now I have music playing in my family room (Airplay to a Marantz AV7702) and I can see and manage where that stream goes from my phone so I can move the music from the Family Room back to my PC if I like … however the PC contrroller can’t seem to do this.

When I pull up the (nicely hidden) transfer control from within the Queue I only see an option to move the PC music elsewhere, but not bring something from another zone to the PC.

Hi Jonathan,

You have to switch the remote to manage that other zone first, so you can control it, and then you can transfer its queue to another zone.

Think of it as a push operation rather than a pull.

ok cool … but where is that zone switch hiding?


The green arrow on Nick’s image is pointing to the queue transfer button.

To switch Roon from controlling one zone to another zone, click on the zone icon … in Nick’s image it is the “Study” speaker.
Once clicked Roon will display the available zones that you can switch to.

If you don’t see what you looking for go into Roon’s setting --> Audio and enable the required device.

Hope that helps.

Thanks guys - for some reason I wasn’t seeing that earlier but it works!

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