Roon Desktop Display only shows garbled text > unusable > Please help [Answered]

Dear Roon Support,
I’m currently evaluating Roon against JRiver on my Musikserver which runs on Intel DN2800MT mainboard.
When I first installed Roon, there was an OpenGL3 error which seemed to be based on a very puristic configuration of that Windows 7 (32) based Musicserver. I installed the official Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3600 series driver from intel homepage and the software now starts up flawlessly. However the text in the Roon windows is completely garbled as if it was a completely messed up font and unreadable. This does not go away when screen resolution is changed or other high res monitors are installed. The funny thing is that when a Roon window is opened, the correct text can be seen for a 2 seconds period and only then becomes and stays garbled which is strange. With that systems behavior Roon is not usable at all. See picture attached.

Do you have any ideas how to remedy that ?
Thanks and best regards

Hello @Christian_Moerler, sorry for troubles here.
I’m afraid that GMT 3600 is the reason why you see garbled text, it can’t provide sufficient amount of memory for Roon. If you want to get good experience with Roon I recommend you to visit this page and check min. hardware requirements.
As a workaround you can install RoonServer application, it has the same functionality as Roon, but no GUI part. As a result you won’t have problems with your GMT 3600, though you will need another device, with Roon, to control RoonServer.

Dear Vova,
thanks a lot for your analysis and the advice provided :smile:
I will try Roon Server as the Musikserver is designed to work headless anyway.

Thanks again and cheers