Roon Device Parameters for Mytek DACs

I received an answer this morning to my inquiry to Mytek for how to set the correct device properties in Roon. I thought I would share. Here is what I got:

Exclusive mode: ON
DSD Playback Strategy: DSD over PCM
MQA Capabilities: Decoder and Renderer
DSP Engine: Disabled
Resync Delay: 0ms usually works fine

Hope that helps.



Tks for sharing! :+1:

I use same settings on my Brooklyn DAC+…

Regarding DSP engine i use off but sometimes use Parametric EQ to reduce 42, 85 and 122hz (after measuring my Room frequency response) e.g. “Hotel California” from “Hell freezes over - Eagles” rumbles a lot on 42hz and looses detail.

Resampling, i use off after having tried all options and filter combinations. I don’t find any positive difference doing PCM or DSD upsampling, may be Brooklyn’s reconstructions filters are same or better quality as Roon’s. DSD seems a little bit more diffuse less sharp, but although slightly less “mechanical”.


Just got mine today and see my DSD Playback isn’t this setting … what’s the reasoning for this vs Native which is where it’s currently set for me I believe by default.

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I was just repeating what I was told by Mytek support.

right on. thanks!