Roon directory disappearing

I just downloaded the new build on Roon, and when I looked at the directory, it was disappearing. The number of tracks and albums is going backwards. What’s up with it?

I had the exact same issue a few says ago and then today again. I restarted Roon a few times but it kept removing songs from the HD. The only solution was to remove the hd and start from scratch. This has happened twice to me. The problem is that all my previous work such as the addition of covers and fixing of tags is lost. I still LOVE Roon, but there are these bugs… I use a Mac mini circa 2013 and the most recent Roon build.

@lohrm1, @walcir I sent PM to both of you guys, please, check your messages.

are you using organized folders or watched folders?

avoid organized folders.

Watched folders. Had problems with organized folders before.

Thanks for your reply! When the problem happened, I was using ONE HD as an organized folder, and the other as a watched folder. But as I mentioned above, I deleted and reinstalled Roon, using only “WATCHED” folders now. Maybe having one of which was the problem? I haven’t had any problem since then.