Roon/ DirectStream Junior Loud Burst

I’m running Roon on my MacBook Pro and streaming over the network to a DirectStream Junior DAC. My issue goes like this. When I pause or stop a track in Roon, exactly when the signal path indicator disengages on the Roon interface, there’s a loud, brief, static burst through my speakers.

This does not happen with JRiver over the same network. And does not happen with Roon/HQP over USB.

PS Audio does not have a fix, wondering if Roon does? Thanks

What firmware version do you have? It’s likely with Bridge ii. Does it happen with other inputs? You should be able to resolve this by rolling back the Bridge ii software to the previous version. JeremyBe on the PS Audio boards (support) can send you the firmware.

Thanks. Yes, have been in touch with Jeremy. Rolling back requires Windows, I’m on a Mac. Thus was exploring if there were other fixes…

I’m a mac user as well. I used an old laptop PC to make the change.