Roon Disappeared! [Recovered]

I signed up for the two week trial and today, after ten days, Roon core just Dissapeared from my pic when I rebooted because of an unrelated issue. My remote apps are still in place on iPhone and iPad. What’s up?

HI Don, What are your PC’s specs and which OS are you using. The suggestions will be different depending. For example, if the answer is Windows 10, I’d ask if you just updated to the Anniversary Edition as part of that reboot.

Also…Roon.exe or roonserver.exe?
Do you really mean disappeared as is cannot find any trace or just that they are not open and running ?

You haven’t given us much to go on here so if you can expand on the details it will help us help you.

Guess I spoke too soon. After rebooting a couple of times, Roon showed up again on my screen. Next time I won’t be so quick to complain. And, I love Roon, and will probably become a life member. Thanks,

Don Ivey

I didn’t read your post as a complaint, just a user wanting some help … and that’s what’s the forum is for.
A reboot is often a “cure” for computer ills.
Glad you’re back up and running.