Roon Disconnecting from Tidal Account

I’m also experiencing what sounds like the same issues with Roon 1.8 (Build 884) disconnecting from my Hifi Plus Tidal account. After a few years of relatively flawless performance I’ve been experiencing the same flakiness as of sometime in December. Ironically, my flawless Roon experience was supported by Apple Network gear - Airport Time Capsule and 2 Airport Express child nodes. I doubt this is a network issue anyways but if anything my issues came to light some time after I changed out that old Apple Network gear for a meshed D-Link system (AX1800) though I don’t use it for routing. My setup is as follows;
Mac Mini (late 2014) 16Gb, macOS Monterey version 12.0.1
Processor Name: Dual-Core Intel Core i7 3 GHz
Memory: 16 GB
Roon 1.8 (Build 884)
Cat5e wired ethernet through cascaded 5- and 16-port Gig switches
Fibre Internet (750/750) - regularly speed tests with 1ms latency and above-rated throughput
Actiontec T3200M Router

Hi Chris - I’ve moved your post into a new Support request thread for the team to follow up on.

Hey @Chris_Pettypiece thanks so much for letting us know that you’re experiencing a similar issue. Were you able to give any of the suggestions in that post a try?

What we would first recommend is:

  • Connect the Core directly to the router
  • Try another ethernet cable
  • Check to see if Roon is allowed past your MacOS firewall by using these instructions
  • Try changing the DNS to Google (, Cloudfare ( or Quad9 (

If those suggestions do not help, could you please explain the specific issue that you are experiencing in more detail? Are you receiving any errors (if so, could you please provide us with a screenshot of the error), have you tried playing TIDAL in Roon on a different device or does this issue occur on all devices?


I’ve made some changes based on what I’ve read here in the Community and a few other things to generally clean-up or simplify my Network and System;

  1. Replaced the Actiontec T3200M as my router with the newer D-Link AX1800 system. Performance measured w/Ookla’s Speediest is the same so I know that I’ve not introduced any new performance issues.
  2. Courtesy of Roon updates I’m now running Roon v1.8 (build 898)
  3. I’ve confirmed that all the Firewall and Share settings on my Mac Mini and my Synology NAS are consistent with what Roon requires.
    As of today, I’m not experiencing any disconnection issues though it will take more than a day of use to actually confirm if the issue(s) are actually eliminated vs just ‘hiding’ for a day or two. Looks like build 898 has addressed something specific to Tidal though I don’t know what CDNs refers to. Might that be related to the issues I was having?

I appreciate you providing us with an update! It’s great to hear that the issue hasn’t returned as of yesterday - I hope it stays that way; however, if it doesn’t feel free to let us know here in this thread and we’ll continue the conversation.

I don’t believe that the issue you were experiencing was related to the known issue with TIDAL, the symptoms that we were monitoring were very specific. I wasn’t getting the same symptoms from what you described in your post, but it’s still possible that the update helped!

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