Roon disconnecting

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Roon running on a dedicated Mac Mini.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
REGA DAC via a HiFace 2.

Description Of Issue
Twice in the last week Roon has lost connection to the Zone it’s actually residing on.
I have to reboot computer to make Roon work. Tiresome.
Please advise.

Fairly certain you are going to be asked by @support whether this happens if the HiFace 2 is taken out of the chain and you connect thru USB.

HiFace is a USB connection. And I’ve used it for many years with many softwares with no issue

HiFace is changing your path from USB to SPDIF, no?

That’s what I’m referring to.

I.e. connect to the USB input of your DAC, as an experiment.

Is it a HiFace 2 or a HiFace Evo 2? Very different beasts.

Hi @Joe_Bornstein,

Can you share a screenshot of Device Setup?

If you connect the Rega via USB without the HiFace involved, as suggested above, do things work for you in that configuration?

It is a HiFace 2 and is working fine

Here are two screenshots. Please note that what has happened (twice) is that Roon loses the zone which contains the stereo. It still works thru SONOS. Also note that I have never had issues with the Hi Face 2. It is a very simple device. Rebooting the computer and Roon fixed the problem, but fearful it will continue.

Surprise. I just looked at Roon while taking these screenshots and see that once again it has lost the Stereo Zone :frowning:

Just closed and re-opened Roon and now it sees the Stereo Zone

How did you get the firmware update?

If you are addressing me about this, the better way is a PM to the person who posted about the firmware.
I just supplied the link after doing a forum search on ‘HiFace’.

Also, it seems the OP of the link contacted M2TECH for the firmware update.

Hmm, maybe not so much.

Hi @Joe_Bornstein,

I would reach out to the HiFace manufacturer directly with regards to the firmware question. It seems like this could be device specific, so if you want to confirm that the DAC itself is operating as expected, I would try bypassing the HiFace and having the Core connected to the REGA DAC via a regular USB cable instead of the HiFace interface.

M2Tech got back to me and seems I already have 6.61, this means that firmware is already up to date. Happily the problem is not occurring frequently. Would be nice if a Roon rep added advice, although I do appreciate all the other users who have and will assist.

Hi @Joe_Bornstein,

Thanks for checking the firmware version. The next step here would be to see what diagnostics say when this issue occurs. Can you let me know the exact local time + date when you next notice this behavior? E.g. 5:17PM on 9/26/19? Once I have this information I can enable diagnostics mode and check for any additional clues.

It started September 22 or 23rd. I am not sure of exact time, but likely around 6:30 when I sit down to dinner. It has happened only twice.

Hi @Joe_Bornstein,

Thanks for letting me know the approximate timestamp.

I have activated diagnostics mode and what this action does is next time your Core is active, a set of logs will automatically be uploaded to our servers for analysis. I’ll take a look to see if there is any additional info contained on September 22/23 around 6:30PM.

If you experience this behavior again in the future, please do note the exact local time + date and let me know, as it would be good to be more precise when looking for timestamps. Thanks!

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