Roon Discord Channel

For those out there looking to chat about audio and or looking for ca discord community there is an unofficial discord channel:

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Is this the same one that has been around for years?

I think so. I opened it a few years ago and I fell ill and never got around making it public. :frowning:

There is another channel that open up last year, I had no idea…sorry I didn’t put this out there before.
Please know this channel is not the “other channel”… As stated before… I was ill and didnt have the energy or time to modd it and the channel was open several years ago.

thx for all! :slight_smile:

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There’s been one for a while - see this thread:

That one is 2019. This one Open in 2018, But no no worries. I just couldn’t attend to it due to health. Is been posted and active now :slight_smile: :wink:

I can’t join the other one - invite invalid.

Oh! Sorry:

Maybe showing my ignorance here but what is a “discord channel”?

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Discord is a popular program used to chat either in a forum or via voice. It was mainly used by gamers to run and talk whilst playing the same game; for camaraderie and game coordination. As such, it can be run on computer, tablets, or phone.

A user can setup a channel and invite others to it. So, a Roon channel has been setup and users are on chatting with each other.

Rugby’s Lunchtime Album Show has started. Album today is

The Ghosts of Pripyat | Steve Rothery


Come join us and we can listen together!

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Awesome album so far!

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Now Playing:

Harold Budd “White Arches”

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Now Playing:

Henry V soundtrack.

I’m going to read up how this works.

There is a music bot. You have to be made a DJ by the owner of the Discord channel. And then you can stream music you find from Bandcamp, Youtube, Soundcloud and a few other sources.

But, you can listen by logging into the channel and dropping down the music chat area.

I thought THIS was the roon discord channel?

:D, This forum uses Discourse. Discord is a different software.