Roon discovers new tracks after a while

Is there a chance one of the developers does a quick summary of what is the expected behavior of audio analysis with regards to speed, frequency (how often), deferred action?

Every once in a while roon seems to discover new songs which have been there for quite a while. This quite often happens after a restart of roon server.

Is there a non destructive rescan (scan for unprocessed files) I can start manually?

Also, when designing the next big update I would love to see a way of migrating the database instead of rebuliding, thereby wasting resources.

Any input is highly appreciated!

Hi @Joachim_Herbert,

I have split your post into it’s own thread to better assist you with this issue.

This seems like strange behavior to me, can you please provide some more information?

  • What kind of Core are you using and what is the Operating System?
  • Where is the media being stored? On a NAS, on an external HDD or on the same drive where the database resides?

Yes, you can perform a manual rescan by going to Roon Settings -> Storage -> 3-dot drop-down menu -> Force Rescan:

If the media is on a NAS, you can also change the rescan interval in a similar menu:

Can you clarify on this aspect further? What exactly do you mean by migrating the database? If you are trying to migrate between different Cores you can use these migration instructions and use a Roon backup instead of rebuilding.

Roon core is running on a HP microserver gen 8 with 500 GB system ssd, storage on 4 local harddrives run off their own controller and managed by drivebender rocreate one large virtual storage space without the disadvantages of windows storage spaces.

This is a pretty responsive system. OS is windows 10/1903, and some 10.000s of files just appeared after the update from 1809 to 1903. At least I did not add them during the last two weeks.

Im under the impression that the file scan is redone after every (major?) update of roon. Given the size of my collection this seems to be a never ending process. But that’s just a hunch.

Hi @Joachim_Herbert,

I have not seen this kind of configuration being used before, it might be related to the issue.

Can you share a few screenshots of a few aspects of your setup? You can use these instructions to upload screenshots here. Please share a screenshot of:

  1. Your Roon Settings -> Library -> Library Maintenance -> Clean Up Library section.
    Note, do not actually clean up the library, but rather just share a screenshot of this tab.

  2. Your Roon Settings -> Storage tab that shows the library location

  3. If there is an “activity spinner” present in the top right-hand corner (round spinning circle next to bookmarks), click on it and share a screenshot of what it reports

  4. Your Roon -> Overview section, do the 10,000 new tracks show up with the label “new” on the overview page?

  5. What was the total number of tracks imported before the upgrade and what is the total number of tracks being reported now?

This might be part of the problem, indeed. Starting around june 16th roon did not pickup freshly added albums from one of the two locations on that virual drive anymore. It used to work flawlessly since I am using roon (which is for about three Years now).

I decided to move those files to a different subdirectory, just to make sure I do not hit any limit on number of subdirectories and the like.

When I tried to add a new path to watch for music in roon, I got the following:

I will check with the vendor of drive bender, because I upgraded to the most current version of this software recently. Maybe the problem is some interaction between the latest build od Windows 10 and the latest build of DriveBender.

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Found a solution for the error above: Klicking on “Select this Folder” is the appropriate action, I clicked on [Z:] Media, which led to the error.

Anyway, I got a reply to my request to the DriveBender guys with some troubleshooting hints and a link to a blogpost on using DriveBender with roon.

Anthony from Division-M is a (happy) roon user himself, so this is quite helpful.

On the issue on not adding new files I am currently resoring my database. Maybe something went wrong there, so I go back to the beginning of June and rebult everything from there.

The restore process takes its time. It is very easy on system resources (CPU not measurable in taskmanager, drive reads well below 3 MB/s, where it could be 60+).

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Hi @Joachim_Herbert,

Thanks for the update here, do let me know how things go after the restore is complete.

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