Roon discovery - just thought this was funny

Clicked on discovery

That’s interesting didn’t know I had artists in that genre and had more of them

Hmmm not so sure about that last one :grin:


What? I thought everyone knew that Wham! were the founding force behind the Neo-Traditional Folk genre :smiley:

Off to go and look what oddities might lie in my Discovery section…

Is it just me, or does the term “Neo-Traditional Folk” itself also strike one as somewhat oxymoronic?

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OTOH, “Traditional Neo” anything almost makes sense.

Would love to know where this is coming from. @ged_hickman1 Is it there a Neo-Trad Folk genre on any of your Wham! albums?

I’m surprised that Ged would willingly confess to possessing any Wham! albums in the first place… :grinning:

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George Michael was Greek Cypriot, my wife is Cypriot. Also, she hasn’t moved on from the eighties and disco.