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I bought recently a Fire HD 8 tablet in order to display the songs played back by Roon. I found out, that the Opera browser has a full screen mode, so it would not cut the screen like Amazon‘s stock browser. It looks ok and it‘s working with Opera.

I have still to issues: How can I stop the Fire from switching off after (the maximum) 30 minutes? And is there a possibility to auto start the browser as soon as Roon start to play?

Many thanks.

Go the Amazon Appstore (open the Appstore) and install the Roon Remote app.

Once you get the Roon Remote app installed, open the app -> open “Setting” (press the three horizontal bars in the upper left hand corner and press "Settings) -> press “Setup” -> press “Keep screen awake” -> set to “Yes”

The dedicated Roon Remote app works much better than running the Roon web interface in a browser.

If you run into trouble or problems, just post a question.

Good luck!


Thanks a lot Ralph. You are totally right about it. The actual App is so much better than the clunky browser version. Appreciating your help.

Happy to help. I’m glad that you were able to get everything worked out. You’re totally right - the Roon Remote app is the way to go and the app works great on the Fire HD tablet.

By the way once the Roon Remote is installed on the Fire HD, that tablet becomes a Roon player. Give it a try -> tap on the zone icon in the lower right hand corner and select Fire HD.

I wouldn’t try listening via the built in speakers, which sound terrible, but you can listen with headphones or via a connected bluetooth speaker. Least expensive Roon headphone endpoint that I know of.

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Thanks so much Ralph. Indeed it‘s an endpoint (one more😀). The headphone sound quality is decent.

Very valid tips. Happy new year!!

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