Roon display error

Goode Beethoven Sonata CD2, Sonata 6 is displayed as being Sonata 5, - all edit attempts fail to correct the error

Have you performed a library cleanup followed by a force rescan yet?

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Yes done and it did make a difference - now Sonata 6 shows twice instead of Sonata 5!!!

This set does appear in MusicBrainz…

Is this the correct release?

Note - there are a couple of ‘stub’ releases too, one of which is cd 2…

Yes, I downloaded that complete set from Presto a few days ago. The weird thing is that if I attempt to edit any of the incorrectly displayed tracks, the correct labelling is displayed. but will not appear after saving the edit. Track 13 is shown in the smaller window correctly, but never makes it to the final Roon display


What do you import settings show, can you please share a screenshot like so?

As for the affected tracks, can you please send them to us for review so that we can try to reproduce the issue on our end? Please upload below and let us know once uploaded, thanks!

A couple of further questions that might shed some light…

Is the album still ‘unidentified’ in Roon?
Is the Presto download a ‘flat’ structure, or is it split into separate folders for each ‘disk’?
What does the metadata look like for these tracks in mp3tag/your preferred tag editor?

I’ve added the Tidal release to my library, it’s ‘identified’, and as far as I can see it’s fine - so unless there’s something odd about the Presto download, I’m stumped…

A further thought (prompted by trying to work out why a Naxos release of Elliott Carter’s 1st and 5th String Quartets was looking weird… ) - try ‘edit album’, scroll right to the bottom, and select ‘Disable multi-part compositions on this album’.

I found on the Naxos album that this both revealed the ‘correct’ titling (as provided by Tidal), and allowed me to see edits I made to the titles. I was having the same issue as you identified - unable to see any edits!

I have so far failed to confirm where Roon is getting the ‘weird’ titling from, although I suspect it is from AllMusic’s definition of the ‘composition’. The ‘compostion’ in MusicBrianz looks correct…

@noris - does this make any sense to you?

@joel - is this expected behaviour? TiVo/AllMusic issue?

Who was it that first said ‘If you think you have a solution, you haven’t understood the problem’?


Are you still seeing this discrepancy? It’s been some time since we’ve heard from you on the thread so we’d like to verify if the problem has persisted. Thanks!

Thank you for your continued interest.

I just checked and the faulty display is still there but I’m not bothered abvout it too much.

More frustrating is the trtouble I’ve been having lately with my two mini iPads. The larger 12" iPad connects up to Roon no problems but there is some bug somewhere with both the smaller units as they refuse to connect. The message I get is -
“There was a network error in accessing. Please check your internet and try again”

But the iPad will connect to the internet but I cannot get it behaving as a remote device unless I delete the APP and reinstall it - then, frustratingly, later on it repeats the refusal to connect.

Any suggestions about what is going on (with both units) gratefully received because the only reason I got them (used) was as a convenient Roon remote!!



I found the answer to the iPad frustration:

tap Settings > General > Transfer or Reset [Device] > Reset > Reset Network Settings . But that must be followed up by reconnecting to the netwok.