Roon Display not working after upgrade to build 806

Core running on MBP; hardwired
Endpoint running on MBA; wifi at 866mbit
Streaming to Node 2i on same wifi
Display is Chromcast on Sony XBR-75X900F

Have never had issues with display on this configuration for the past 18 mo. After upgrading to 806, Roon comes up on the display with the waiting circle but never displays content. Rebooted core, endpoint and display. No change.

Hello @Chris_Furia,

I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble you ran into, and to only get back to you on this thread today (support is closed over the weekend, but I was hoping to reply Monday).

I was wondering if this is still the case? When you say Roon Display is not working after upgrade, are you referring to your Chromecast display on your Sony?

Or is Roon never going past the loading screen?

Yes. Still the case.

Referring to the Chromecast display built into the Sony.

I have the display triggered when listening to my Node 2i in the same room. When I send music to that room, my Sony turns on, I get the Roon logo and the rotating circle below that. Prior to updating Roon, the circle would rotate for 10-15 seconds then the music being played would come up as Artist or Album art. This is no longer happening.

Hey @Chris_Furia,

I am dismayed that we’ve never seen your final post… :see_no_evil: . I am so sorry!

Would you please send us a screenshot of what you’re seeing? :nerd_face: