Roon Display times out to screensaver on Google Chromecast TV [Ticket In]

Roon Core Machine

macOS Big Sur version 11.7.3
Apple MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2013)
2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
Memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Networking Gear & Setup Details

FritzBox 7590 Router
FritzRepeater 2400 Extender
MacBook Pro with Ethernet on FritzBox 7590
Google TV Chromecast with WiFi on FritzRepeater
No VPN as far as I know

Connected Audio Devices

Devialet Expert 250 Pro (All-in-one Streamer) WiFi

Number of Tracks in Library

85,000 tracks

Description of Issue

ROON Display initially works well but it always starts to drop out suddenly after a few minutes. To Google Ambient Mode Screensaver. I’ve tried the Google’s menus and I’ve tried a Google Chromecast Reset but both didn’t work out. Help please :pray:t3: thank you very much

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Hi @Sjors_Ehv ,

Thanks for the report here!

We’re aware of a few other reports for this Chromecast model, we have been able to reproduce the issue on our end and there’s a development ticket to look into this further. I can’t comment on timelines for resolution, but we are aware of and looking into this issue for the Chromecast TV.

In the meantime, and as a temporary workaround, you can try to set up a Roon Web Display to a PC Chrome browser window and then cast the browser tab to the Chromecast TV. I’d give this a try:



I have this same issue on both my Sony ZD9 and Nvidia Shield. When I first had Roon this worked without a hitch, then there was a stage for several months when the displays no longer showed as a device. Since that was fixed, I have had the same screensaver issue. It is a bit of a pain when major features regress like this.


Thanks a lot noris. :pray:t3:
I wait

Hi noris, thanks again. Now I think that both ways of showing Displays are not working at all or at last not properly, like it should. :neutral_face:

I’ve installed al the latest Roon Updates as far as I know

Sorry… Yes the casting in Chrome Web browser that’s working. :pray:t3:

But I need to say that unfortunately the screen drops back to Googe TV Screensaver, here as well.

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Hi noris,

The issue is still there here. And also the copy paste option for Web Display in the Chrome Web browser is even not working at all today.

Can you give any indication on when the issue could be fixed please? I really like the Displays option a lot.

Chrome Cast with Google TV is listed as a Roon tested device, and I bought it as such,
now as we all see, it wasn’t tested very well at all.
I can turn off ambient, turn off power saving and it still eventually either goes
to screensaver or blank screen altogether, or it locks up and requires rebooting everything.

What is a reliable product people are using where I can just have a display on all the time
showing what is playing with art and not have to worry about it turning off or locking up?

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Eric_Stewart1 Thanks for the input. :sunflower: