Roon display / Transport


just getting to grips with roon, have jumped in and gone for the lifetime option.

i have a question, i have gone for a tambaqui as a endpoint over cat7 but i am reading that a transport into my dad would be a better solution rather than cat7.

could anyone out there recommend a transport that has a display and a aes/ebu i have had a look and the matrix audio element s and the lumin u mini both seem to be popular, the lumin does not really have a full display.

am currently moving all my music over to my core/server enjoying the info on my iPad.

thanks all for looking

Ethernet is the recommended connection.

See " Our Recommendations" in the page at:

However, I would not worry about using a CAT7 cable. CAT6 or CAT6a is perfectly adequate (CAT6a will support much higher data rates than you will be employing to the DAC) and, unlike CAT7, it does not make a ground connection between the switch and the DAC (assuming both DAC and switch have CAT7 compliant sockets which is not a given).

With no ground connection between components there is no possibility of ground related issues (ground loops and even ground noise injection).

Having said that, if you are using a CAT7 cable, and you are not suffering any issues, then there is no point in changing it. If either (or both) the switch or the Tambaqui DAC have a non-shielded ethernet socket, then there will be no ground connection anyway since the cable shielding will be unconnected at one or both ends.

There are arguments that single ended shielding is better than no shielding but no hard, objective evidence, that I am aware of, to back that up.

I did not address your desire for a display. If you want a disply on the endpoint that automatically displays current album and track, etc, then a Roon Ready streamer such as either of the ones that you suggest will provide the display and will connect to your DAC with no issue.

However, I doubt that either one will improve sound quality and could actually degrade it (because USB contains a ground and power signal - granted the power is likely unconnected in your Tabaqui DAC as it does not need to take power from the USB connection). SPDIF connections (COAX and Toslink) could also be used but will limit the achievable sample rate - if that is important to you and SPDIF over COAX has the same ground connection issues as USB.

It seems to me a very large outlay just to add a display.

There are other alternatives - like a (very) small computer running a web browser connected to an HDMI input of a TV (or with a dedicated monitor/display). For more information see:

You can use a raspberry pi with a display and too and just use as a display for any zone and even basic controls

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The question over connection is more centred around

Using my tambaqui as a end point over cat 6-7-8


A roon endpoint transport over 6-7-8 and the digital to the tambaqui

If I add a transport to increase my sound quality it would be nice if it had a display

I am thinking that there will be little to no improvement in sound as the tambaqui is pretty good as a end point

But was looking to see where my next move is

Thanks all

As I said in my posts above, adding another streamer into the chain (when the Tabaqui has a perfectly good streamer component anyway) would not improve sound quality.

A separate streamer may give you more (or at least different) streaming options when not using Roon - if this is important to you.

You would be unwise to add a streamer with the expectation that it will improve audio quality when using Roon.

I am not saying "don’t do it’. I’m just saying “don’t do it for an audio quality improvement”.

Additional streaming options and/or the display could be reason enough for you to want to add the streamer - but if it was me, I would keep things simple and just use the Tabaqui as you are currently doing and, if necessary, add a separate display device of your choice.

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The Tambiqui is a streamer and DAC combination. You don’t need another streamer. If you want a display there are many ways to do this. Get a small TV and a Chromecast and use Roon’s Displays function to cast to the TV. Build a Raspberry Pi with their 7" display. Add Ropieee and just use it for the display. In the Tinkering section on this forum there’s someone who hacked an electronic picture frame to run Roon and provide a display. Plenty of ways to get a display without adding a new, expensive streamer to your setup.

I would be very careful with anything called “CAT 7” cable. CAT 7 cables (real ones) use different connectors, and would not even plug into any equipment you might have at home (well, given that CAT 7 isn’t really used by anyone outside of home either, they won’t really plug into anything at all you are likely to come across). When someone sells you an “audiophile” CAT 7 cable, it is just a bunch of random wires that does not match with any existing standard and works, if at all, purely by accident. There is no good reason to go sbove CAT 6 for home installations (and buying CAT 7 means supporting outright swindlers, but that’s just my opinion).

Tambaqui is pretty much as good as it gets, so I would not expect any sonic differences. If you want to have something with more of a display than Tambaqui has, then a Raspberry would be good. Another option, especially if you do not care about putting RPi stuff together, would be Higole’s Gole 2 Pro mini PC. THere might be other ones, but it was the only one I could find that is basically a miniaturized all-in-one design. Basically, a 5.5 inch touchscreen, with a ful WIndows (or Linux-compatible) PC behind it. Plug Ethernet into it, load Roon, and connect it tov Tambaqui via USB, and you have a fully functionl Roon Remote endpoint with Tambaqui sound quality and a display (and you can attach external display if you want to as well)… I am trying one out now and it seems to work quite well…

i have been trying to work out how to connect for best results, and my limited understanding was cat 7 gave me individual pair and collective screening.

i bought a cheap amazon special to get me hooked up, 8m run from my wifi repeater/hub not the router (i know that not perfect).

my plan is to use a block/filter (like the english electric) and run that to my server, my server has a ethernet out that goes to my tambaqui

a cat??? that i could terminate myself and run from the router to my server would be the solution, but would need to be terminated in place, threading through cavities etc.

i have a few experiments to do

It should not mean anything unless you are running wires through a factory floor or something like that.

Well, at least it wasn’t as bad as some of allegedly “CAT 7” cables one can get… But it’s still not a real CAT 7 cable. I don’t think any reputable major seller is even offering anything in CAT 7.

I doubt that you really need that either, unless you are having a problem with power surges…

Yes, it’s a pain to do, but do it once and everything is set up. Depending on the size of the house, Cat5e could be enough, but might as well go with 6 or 6a for some future proofing, You might be able to get pre-terminated ones at correct length from some of the reputable online stores…

I have a Tambaqui connected Ethernet through a switch to my Nucleus+, using cat 6 cables.
As other said, can’t imagine SQ becoming better by adding another streamer in the chain.

And I’m quite happy with all the info displayed on the Roon remote and Mola Mola apps on my IPad