Roon displays flac files as wav files on DirectStream Display

@support Hello, first time post here.
There is a problem with Roon, the DirectStream DAC, and the Bridge II, displaying flac files as wav files and I believe it has always been this way.

I hope this is something that can be corrected as it appears to be a conflict with Roon and the display.

Please let me know.

Here are some screenshots.


This is a feature, not a problem.

Yep. It’s nothing to worry about since your Roon Core has decoded the FLAC file, upstream of the Bridge II.

In the case of mConnect, the Bridge II will do the decoding but it shows the ‘incoming’ file as FLAC, before it decodes it.

So as Peter @wklie mentioned, it’s a feature, not a problem. So everything is good.

Why would you care? That is like saying you need to know that the Word document you are editing was originally in a Zip file.

If a DAC endpoint has a display, it should indicate the received audio format. Roon already displays – in multiple locations – the original file/stream format. And that makes this concern/request coming from a Roon user just cockamamie.


Two issues here.

The “WAV” display is the fault of the DAC, not of Roon.
What the DAC gets is not a WAV file, it’s a PCM stream.
A pure error in the display.

Roon does this centralized decoding because not all DACs can handle all file formats, sample rates, bit depths, compression levels, or types PCM, DSD…). This way, it never happens that a file or stream is incompatible with a streamer or DAC. The fact that other software works a different way is not a reason for a Roon to abandon a valuable feature.

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Yup, answered for another confused PS Audio user yesterday.

Not sure why this “issue” popped up twice all of a sudden.


No name calling. Deeming an idea to be poorly reasoned is not name calling.

JRiver and others use generic DLNA/UPnP, which can push undecoded files to endpoints. Roon does not. For reasons that the Roon team has justified, Roon uses a proprietary and centralized core architecture for nearly all decoding/processing.


I have to say the attitute of a few of you on this thread to someone new with a relevant question is quite inappropriate. Learn some manners please. Just because someone had a different view to you on how Roon works should not result in him being treated this way. I expect better from seasoned forumites.



Maybe the informative but no nonsense responses here are the appropriate reactions. The PS Audio forum thread that the new poster cites similarly has dismissed his ill reasoned requests.

Your demands are unreasonable and frankly sophomoric.


Seriously, take a read through that entire PS Audio forum thread. The ignorance of and even antipathy toward Roon are remarkable. Several posters act as if Roon outputting PCM streams instead of native FLAC files is shrouded away in trade secrecy. And some of those posters are Roon users. That is just intellectual laziness to use Roon but not to understand a fundamental precept of how Roon works.


Just took a look at that PSAudio forum.
I agree.
Nonsense. Including from Ted Smith.