Roon displays RoPieee 2022.10 as version 1.8?

Just wanted to confirm this was correct/expected behavior.


Mine shows the same thing in Roon, Version 1.8 (build 1125) Stable.

However in the RoPieee WebUI it shows 2022.11.2 (661) Stable.

Does the WebUI show there is an update available for you?
Not sure what the little arrow in your screen shot might mean, update available maybe?:

These are separate things.

The ‘1.8’ is the version of RoonBridge, which is being installed by RoPieee.
The ‘2022.11.2’ indicates RoPieee’s version number. The (661) indicates the specific build number.

And yes, the arrow indicates an update is available.

Always good to check Roon’s Software Release Notes, see the most current post here, where it states…

Roon Bridge Platform Build
Linux stable 1125
macOS stable 1125
Windows stable 1125

But as @bearFNF rightly found, you might want to update Ropieee itself…

My RoPieee had just done an update when I posted this, and apparently had another one to do, now it is at 2022.11.2 (661)

But I expected Roon Bridge to be at 2.0 like the rest of the system.

It looks like I do have all of the current versions:

Keep in mind: RoPieee does not update Roon Bridge upon a RoPieee update: that’s a Roon thing and you need to do that from the Roon UI.

So both versions are not related to each other.

Did not know that, thanks for the clarification. Although, I don’t ever remember seeing the RoPieee bridge showing an update when the Core and remote did.

No it has had way fewer updates then core.