Roon distorted playback via DIRAC

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

MAC Mini

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Harddisk wired per USB with Mac Mini

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

DIRAC Live and than wired via USB to ADI 2 Pro DA

Description Of Issue
i installed Roon SW on my Mac Mini and all seems to be good.
But if i play music the music is very strongly distorts. No matter if I play from Harddisk or TIDAL. I also have DIRAC disabled and set the ADI DA converter for Playback, unfortunately without success.
Everything is OK whan i play musik with jriver.
Can you help me wich settings i have to set ?
Thanks a lot

Hi @Domenico_Sarno,

Can you share a screenshot of Device Setup for this zone, as well as a screenshot of the Signal Path when playing to it?

Does the same behavior occur if you play to a different zone, like System Output?

Same results whan i select standard output

i dont know how to display signal path, sorry

Hi @Domenico_Sarno,

You can see instructions for bringing up the Signal Path here.

Can you try setting Exclusive Mode to Yes and let us know if that helps?

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Hi, no chnages in exclusive mode

Hi @Domenico_Sarno,

Is there any change if you enable the ADI-2 Pro output in your Roon Settings -> Audio Tab and bypass the DIRAC driver?

i have disabled DIRAC and set the ADI DAC on my MAC as default.
Than i selected the ADI in Roon and it works fine. Do you have a solution that i can use DIRAC with Roon ?
BR Domenico

Hi @Domenico_Sarno,

Thank you for confirming that the ADI DAC driver works as expected in Roon. I had a chance to discuss with the hardware team and they have noted there are some known issues with DIRAC and that there is an open ticket regarding DIRAC behavior in Roon.

With that said though, I would like to propose a test here to verify one other aspect. If you start playing to DIRAC through System Output and then switch over to the previously used DIRAC driver, does the same behavior still occur?

ok. I put the system output on my MAV to DIRAC and selected DIRAC in Roon. Hi Distorsions.
Than i let the System output on DIRAC and in Roon i selected the ADI DAC as an new zone.
No Distorsions.
Than i selected the ADI DAC on my MAC as System output. On Roon also ADI DAC no Distorsions.
With the same config on my MAC but DIRAC selected in Roon Distorsions.
Sometimes i think that the output of Roon is too loud for DIRAC also whan i set the Volume to 1in Roon.The highest Distorsions are in the Bass and lower frequency section

I would set the audio device to fixed volume. See if that helps. You don’t want to lower volume going to the DAC that can be the route of issues.

Hi, i think i’ve tryed it without succsses but i will try it Monday morning again
Thanks and have a nice weekend

i tryed it again. But no help. Maybe i have to install a plugin or something else ?

Hello @Domenico_Sarno,

The Dirac Live Audio Processor for macOS has known issues with Roon playback.

It appears that Dirac is in the process of beta testing a new version of the Dirac Live stack for macOS, I would suggest that you give the new version a try. We have not verified that it works with Roon, so your millage may vary. The Dirac representative recommends reaching out to their support team for access to the beta.

You can read more in the last three pages of this fourm thread:


As a lifetime Roon subscriber as well as a loyal Dirac user, it strikes me that both companies should have an interest and incentive in communicating with one another to ensure that their products/services
“Play well together” to the benefit of their customer base(s).
I have been disappointed that seems NOT to be the case. Roon and Dirac suggesting the customers read postings from communities (figure it out yourself) rather than problem solving on behalf of customers is not entirely helpful. Perhaps I am not alone in this opinion.

Yes, im also wondering about.
I wrote to Dirac and the answer was :
my understanding is that Roon doesn’t support standard AU or VST plugins but one may try using a virtual cable as shown here:

so is someone there who tryed this ?
Thanks for replays :slight_smile:

Hi, nobody ?

Hello @crummwoody & @Domenico_Sarno,

I appreciate your patience here. I’ve discussed this with the technical team and we are going to open an investigation with our QA team, so they can schedule some time to perform further testing.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide a timeline of when this testing will occur or when this behavior will be resolved, as soon as we have any further news we will be sure to let you know.

Ok, thanks, but im wondering that this seems to be the first time that you hear about problems with DIRAC.
So i will also test it in some days.

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