Roon DNS cache problem after STi5 upgrade to 2.6

So, I updated my STi5 last night, but ever since Roon has been unable to connect to my network share

It worked previously as \DiskStation\music, but is no longer recognised. I removed and tried to re-add the share, but I get an ‘unexpected error message’

None of the usual reboot, restart type tricks worked this time round (router, NAS, STi5).

I eventually managed to connect the share by using the IP address directly, so there must be a DNS issue somewhere (I cleared the Roon cache, but this made no difference)

Please advise where the cache resides that I need to clear, and how to do it (I’m not a linux expert I’m afraid).


PS. FYI - DNS name resolved correctly on windows laptop and by TV.

Roon is now beavering away adding my albums again, which I don’t want (lost all my edits?). I have backups I can restore, so please advise whether a core restore will ‘restore’ the problem as well?

Paging @agillis

Resolving DiskStation to an IP address happens in your router or it uses Windows Networking or mDNS (apple)

You could try rebooting your router.

Windows Networking is notorious for forgetting names. For this you need to reboot your “master browser” this could be any Windows computer on your network.

Google “find my master browser” for help on determining what machine it is.

Just tried to upgrade to 2.6 on my i5 ST but the software version is still showing 2.5. Tried it twice and rebooted but no luck. Any ideas?

use these directions…

OK, thanks. Do you know what’s in the software update?

Just saw the email from @agillis explaining what’s in it.

One of the biggest updates for the sonicTransporter is the ability to use HQPlayer embedded.

Well fine but I don’t use HQPlayer. However my library has doubled in size and Roon is doing some kind of scanning. What’s up with this? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it I’m thinking.

Given what I just posted are you telling me I should reboot my router?

If you library has doubled in size you may have two storage location pointing to the same files. Take a look in your storage settings in Roon.

Andrew, I notice that my SonicOrbiter shows Ver 2.3 and available is Ver 2.6. Updating from the APP doesn’t change anything. Are there similar instructions for updating (as with the additional step for the SonicTransporter, that I’m updating as I type). Thanks.

Music Folder and Sonic Transporter are listed in storage. I don’t know if the software update changed this but it did double the number of albums in my library. My music is stored on the internal SSD you installed in the ST. How do I fix this–before the update everything was fine and working perfectly.

Check in the Roon storage settings and make sure there is only one entry (the default one)

Is the a Sonicorbiter SE? There is no upgrade available for that product.

The sonic orbiter (SOSE)no longer updates.Only the microrendu and ultrarendu or capable of new updates.
It is fixed at 2.3 and I believe a discontinued product.I have several and they work fine.

See my reply above. Music Folder and Sonic Transporter are both listed. Are you saying I should delete Music Folder? Sonic Transporter is the default.

thanks all. got it. yes, SonicOrbiter SE.

Thanks @agillis
I confess I am struggling to resolve this issue using the information provided.

All my devices (iPad, iPhone, Windows PC, Windows Laptop) can correctly resolve the diskstation IP address (e.g. in windows explorer)

I have rebooted Synology NAS and Synology Router (as well as all the devices). The DNS cache has been flushed on both windows OS machines

None of this has made a difference - Roon still cannot resolve the IP address and the only change made prior to the problem starting was the STi5 upgrade to 2.6. (It doesn’t make any difference whether I try and add folder on the iPad or windows laptop)

I’m at a bit of a loss where to go from here.

@support Is there is a log somewhere that will provide more info on the unexpected error?


PS I did look into the master browser point, and assume rebooting all devices has covered off this idea