Roon does MQA Sample Rate conversion to Dirac WASAPI even when sample rate matches

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11, Dirac Live 3 with WASAPI Dirac Audio Processor
Intel Core i5-12600K, 32GB RAM
MOTU Ultralite Mk5

Description of Issue

Sample Rate Conversion filter is disabled.
Dirac WASAPI was chosen while it was configured at 44.1 Sample Rate.
When playing a 48kHz MQA (96kHz) content I noticed the green indicator and it specified Sample Rate Conversion (for compatibility with device) form 48khz to 44.1.

I’ve changed to Dirac Audio Processor sample rate (in the Dirac UI) to 48khz (the Motu MK5 follows suit and is displaying 48Khz) but Roon still does the conversion for 48 to 441. Tried disabling and enabling Dirac WASAPI in roon but got the same.


Show your roon signal path

I seem to remember that the windows audio settings for the Dirac device has an affect.


While Dirac WASAPI is set to 48khz.

I’ve since gathered that if I start Roon while Dirac is at 48khz then it detects it correctly:

In any case not practical, wish Roon could auto-change Dirac on-the-fly.

The current Dirac version the Windows Audio setting for sample rate is grayed out and is automatically following the setting in DAP:



Signal path:

The issue seems to be resolved “on its own”.
At the moment, when I change Dirac’s sample rate, Roon detects it.

This time I paused Roon and waited for the signal path indicator light to turn grey before changing DAP’s sample rate, perhaps it is related (I didn’t try to change while playing as last time it stopped working completely afterward, even after PC restart).

I guess that I will see it again.

In any case, I wish Roon could instruct the Dirac WASAPI driver to change the sample rate as needed. (When changing sample rates in Dirac the DAC follows)

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