Roon does not accept files after splitting with fission

I got a m4A file out of a mp4 video file, with 24-bit and 48-MHz ALAC encoding (Bitrate 1.312 kBit/s). This file was fine for Roon.
Then I have cut some seconds out using the Fission App at the beginning and at the end. After that, Roon does not show or play the track any more.
All other apps do play as before like iTunes, VLC. It plays on T+A R1000E or Naim Mu-so 2 while streamed from Synology NAS DS 918+ directly.

Pls help.

I’ve moved this to support as it will be seen there.

Hi @Bernhard_Karbe,

Can you share this file with us? You can upload the file here.


File “03 Johannes Brahms - Ungarischer Tanz Nr. 3 F-Dur.m4a” is ready.

I have the same problem. Any file that I edit with Fission cannot be imported by Roon. The reason given in Skipped Files is ‘Audio Stream Format Not Supported’.

I have uploaded a test file. It was split out of a m4a file that was created by Audio Hijack. The longer source file could be read by Roon.

Hi @Bernhard_Karbe and @Steven_Wickliffe,

I’ve passed these files along to our QA team for investigation. Please note that the queue for the QA team is a little longer than normal due to the team’s current testing, but as soon as they’re able to investigate this further I’ll be sure to reach out with an update.

Hi dylan

Is there anything new on this topic?

In the meantime, I also tried it the other way around: Take the mp4 video, cut out the applaus using Quicktime Player, and finally extract the audio track using Adapter (

The result is the same. Roon tells “audio_stream_format_not_supported”. All other devices play that very track.

Thanks for support.

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