Roon does not add a ripped CD

Hi, I have just ripped The Nationals first record, named just The National, I think it was issued in 2001. The album appears in Roon as I rip it but when finished ripping it disappears from Roon. Any idea why this is?


Have you another copy and it’s hiding as a version?

hi, no i did have it ripped with another rip SW but i deleted those files before ripping this one with a new SW. I see the files besides my other flac files.

Try ripping the CD to a location which is not watched by Roon. Then after the Rip is finished, copy the whole directory into a Roon watched storage location. Does it stay then?

No, I ripped to the desktop and then copied to my music folder, does not pick it up.

Anything showing up in Skipped files?

where do I find those?

found it, nothing there except an unreadable image file from a radical dads album

Have you enabled Show Hidden Tracks and Albums?

Where are your files located, if on NAS then a “force rescan” might help Roon.

Also, in the album viewer, try sorting by “data added” this might help spot it if it’s being misidentified.

Also … check the folder (and file names) for any special characters … if so remove them.

That was the trick, why is that set to no by default?

Anyway, txs,

Hi, just realising that all of my music has doubled up, there are two versions of each cd. should I just reinstall roon?

Can you give a screen shot of Settings>Storage? You may have inadvertently asked Roon to watch the same folder twice. Or you just may have duplicates. Both easy to fix.

Maybe watching a sub folder and it’s parent folder?