Roon does not add an album in my collection

Charles Dutoit version of Holst “The Planets” is one of the most highly praised versions. I have this in my collection (on my NAS), but when Roon finished its scan, I do not see it as part of my Roon collection. I re-ripped it, but Roon still refused to add it. Now, here is the weird part. This album is available on Tidal, but when I search Roon, it does not appear. I tried to add it via the Tidal web browser (in chrome) by selecting it as a favorite. However, it still does not appear to be part of my collection.

What is going on?


Hi Bruce! Can you post a link to the album on Tidal’s website, and we’ll take a look?


Here is the link:

However, why is Roon not picking up the album on my NAS, especially since I entered it again and it still does not add the album to my collection?

Was this ever resolved? I’m having a similar problem.

Hmm, maybe not. I just checked and the album @steveoat87 linked to, and it was added to my library without issue.

@Chikolad – are you having problems with the same album or a different album? If different, can you give me a link?

@steveoat87 – sorry for the slow reply here. Are you still having issues adding this album, either from local files or from Tidal?

@mike, mine is a different album. It’s the 2009 remaster of The Beatles - Let It Be.
It’s not on Tidal, those are FLAC files I ripped myself from CD, so I don’t have a link.
When I tried moving stuff around and restarted a few times that’s when my library disappeared completely - you’re already helping me with that.


Hi Mike,

I just did a search and the album still doesn’t show. Weird!!

When you look on the Tidal website and you’re logged in, the album is shown as a favorite? Meaning, the star is filled in.

Yes, it is shown as a favorite. I also have the album on my NAS and it also does not show.


Suggest you run a full XL export of your library data from the tracks view (select all tracks and press the + button on the top row). Then find the file path that matches the album you seek. Then see what Roon has it listed as.
It could be a completely wrong ID so the album is hidden elsewhere in your library.

I see where @ncpl is going with this, but I’m able to load the Tidal album without issue. Hmm.

@steveoat87 – why don’t we have a look at the loca media in question. I’ll send you a PM with some instructions for uploading the album to us.

For what it’s worth, here’s how the Tidal album looks in my library:


That is the wrong album. The album is Holst: The Planets by Charles Dutoit, Montreal Symphony Orchestra, on Decca.

It shows up on the Tidal app, but not when I search by Roon.

I was able to find it in Tidal, favourite it and a short time later it showed in Roon. However, it shows the album Mike has in the screenshot. It was necessary to edit the album information and search for the proper one.

I had to select Identify Album, then None of these look right, then search under artist: Gustav Holtst Orchestre symphonique and under album: the Planets.

Hopefully, that’s the one your looking for.

Thanks @Greg. I had a feeling it was something like this. Looks like we have a bad ID in our system here. I’ll open a ticket internally in our bug tracker.

@steveoat87 – can you confirm this is the issue for you as well? I’m guessing you have one, if not two copies of the Andre Previn version?

As a workaround, you should be able to click the pencil, choose Identify, and then search for The Planets - Charles Dutoit and get this fixed, like I just did:

Mike I have two copies of the Dutoit version on my NAS. Neither have been picked up. As well as the problem with Tidal I outlined above.

Are you sure they’re not in your library, incorrectly identified as the Andre Previn version?

Try this:

  • Go to the album browser
  • Press / (under question mark) – you should now be able to type to filter your album browser
  • type Planets

Let us know what you’re seeing – It’s absolutely possible I’m wrong here (it’s happened once or twice before ;)), but I’m guessing this is a bad ID, and you’ll need to try this until we fix the issue in our database:

I think it is always useful to start with the XL library dump in cases like this…especially for local stored content where you can be 100% certain of folder and tag data.

In this case the album became someone’s else’s version of the planets but it can be something quite different. These are rare in my experience but very hard to find when you get one without the XL dump