Roon does not automatically detect Mytek Liberty DAC update

Is there any news about this topic and a eta when the Liberty Dac will be seen in Roon.

Hi, Leon. Just to say, Roon detects my Liberty DAC just fine. I have it connected via USB to a RPi3 running RoPieee.

It does NOT identify mine. When I try to set it up, it says “Liberty”, but then “Unidentified”. When I choose a DAC, it gives me a list of Mytek DAC’s, but not the Liberty - only a “Mytek Stereo 192/24 DAC”

Is there any update. The Mytek Liberty is certified acording to roon:
But it is still not detected or listed in the app.

I’m close to buy one Liberty, it is not detected but… except that dose it works properly or not?


Yes its a great dac. Read the reviews on internet.

Thanks Leon,

yes I’ve read already some reviews but the doubt was still there as reviewers most of the time forget to investigate this kind of specific details :unamused:

Excluding MQA I upsample all to DSD256 with Roon, this give me better audio quality, it’s a feature I don’t want loose… if it works than I buy it

… confirmed?

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