Roon does not back-up to Google drive

repeated failures : “backup drive not available”

I have repeatedly checked path to backup folder, which is valid.

MacBook Pro 2022 with core, Google Drive is mounted and available by all other inquiries.

You can’t back up to google drive only a local
Network share.

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Or Dropbox.

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Can you add an external USB drive and try backing up to that?

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Thanks for the info regarding no backups to google drive.

I searched this topic on the so-called Roon Knowledge base, but it came back with nothing, nada. And I searched on how to set up auto backups, for instructions on what kind of devices yes supported. Again, nothing.

Roon has some very nice features that mostly work great. However, tech support is not one of them. This area needs improvements.

Hi @Stephen_Knox,

This is what you find if you search Google for “Roon backups”

If you go to our knowledge base directly and type backup, the first article is the article above.

While it doesn’t list every single unsupported possibility, it does contain everything someone needs to ensure they have a solid backup of their Roon databases.


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